Deceptively realistic sceneries by Peter Pan Magic Murals.

Custom-made, unique murals of unparamounted quality. Any realistic style, classic or modern, any size, any surface. Unique in every respect.....

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... a breathtaking view.. Temples, marble columns, terraces, the deep blue water in the harbour...In the distance, shimmering in the heat, rising from the sea, foothills of a mountain range. ..Nothing stirs, the heat is tangible... it must be around noon....... In the background, on a clear, mirror-like sea, a ship approaches port....

I know I'm looking at a Trompe l'oeil or 'Faux-painting'. Scenery so realistically painted, so deceptive, that it looks like real. But I turn to leave I take a final look over my shoulder....That ship, I could have sworn ....





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Detail 3x7 mtrs. Classic/Mediterranean style swimmingpool. Totals 35x3 mtrs.
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