Decorative ceiling painting in a 'Tower Bedroom'.
Above the bed, spiraling up in the pointed roof, a stylized 'Spiral of Life'. Picturing amoebae forms evolving to fishes, birds and ultimately, the Stars. Painted in Two-tone gold.
Design by Heuvelmans Architecture, Holland.
Historische Wand en plafond schilderingen, Mural painting, Trompe l'oeils, Decoratieve kunst.
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Historisch Oud-Hollands



Photopage: Swimmingpools Bathrooms,Bedrooms Horeca Business etc.



Torenkamer schildering

This new house, along a true canal is located near an old village in Holland.
The material of terrace, jetty fence and light armature is 'borrowed' from the true architecture outdoors. This mural shows how the village looked at around 1780. Chosen was for a sundown 'monochrome' atmosphere to match the houses' colors The boat of the house-owner is moored across the stream. The house was named after the 'purple' Heron; in detail on the right.